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Sales and Order Taking Solutions

  • On-Screen Call Scripts and Database Views – Equipped to secure your order

     On-screen call scripting and database viewing are important to accurately ask the right questions while simultaneously being able to provide product descriptions and specifications.  Availability of inventory, model/Sku, color, size, price and delivery schedules are readily available to the agent.  We can even scan in a picture of your product    or catalog so that the agent can describe the product to the caller.


  • Online Data Entry – We can use your existing web page or create one for you

     When it’s time to take an order on your behalf, our agents can place the order directly on your existing e-commerce web forms or we can work with you to create a back page for our agents to navigate in the most efficient way to process your orders.  This allows you the convenience of immediate data retrieval in real-time through the Internet.  In addition, we have generator backup and our IT support is on call 24/7 ensuring we stay online at all times.


  • Credit-Card Verification & Authorization – Secure services & next day availability

     Processing credit information is very sensitive and must be handled accurately and confidentially.  When our agents enter the credit card number, the computer calculates the correct algorithm to insure that it’s a proper card number with a valid expiration date.  The number is then masked so that it is only visible for a few seconds.  Securing an approval code is done in the background while we are processing the call, and the purchase amount is removed or held from the caller’s account while they are still on the line.  You have access to those funds the next business day.  If the purchase is not approved, we can request an alternative card or suggest they mail a check.


  • Import/Export, Print Labels and Reports – Just taking the orders isn’t enough

     We can import and export data to and from our system using a variety of file formats including quote comma delimited, fixed length and DBF.  We can produce mailing labels to ship the order; send follow-up letters, invoices, and inventory pull tickets.  We can also provide a variety of reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, which can be customized to fit your specifications.  This data can be sent directly to you, your fulfillment house, marketing agency or wherever you specify.  Different report formats can be sent to each recipient in any format, including fax, email, or downloadable file.

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No matter what business you’re in, we have the tools for you to succeed. We also offer automated messaging services, which are powerful tools for your business.





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Answer Direct supports businesses of all types and sizes ranging from fortune 500 companies to family owned businesses like us.

“We have been a client of Cal Johnson Answering Service for nearly 25 years. They’re our second office. They have friendly, responsible folks taking calls from our past, present, and future clients. They do this around the clock never missing a beat. They always relay urgent messages to the proper contact person in our company.

If you have a special project or need you can always pick up the phone and talk to the president and owner, Sharon Campbell, as her door is always open. Simply put, Cal Johnson is an asset to our organization and we consider them part of our team. I highly recommend them to any company, large or small.”