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For more than 65 years, Answer Direct has been providing professional and courteous answering services for medical offices and 24-hour on-call doctors.  Our call center operators are:


Highly Trained



Always Available


We serve as a valuable resource for the continuous care of your patients


Our HIPAA trained and compliant call center operators will handle every call with compassion and concern so that your patients can have peace of mind knowing that their medical situation will be addressed promptly and confidentially.  Urgent health-related information will be processed and transferring accurately and efficiently.  We treat every phone call with priority and attentiveness to details.

Our Medical Answering Service staff is available anytime you need us – whether 24/7 or only 1 hour a day, we are here to make your medical practice more dependable and reliable.

 Answer Direct offers the following benefits for medical offices and on-call doctors:

  • Call screening
  • Prompt transfer of emergency calls
  • Holiday call coverage
  • Nurse triage
  • Custom-created call services for unique answering service needs
  • Specialized software for appointment scheduling
  • Live operators to take and hold routine, non-emergency office calls
  • Virtual office support
  • Advanced IT and communications infrastructure
  • Limited interruptions with patients
  • Guaranteed call response – zero missed calls
  • Secure, two-way smartphone messaging* 

*Available as a cloud-based or on-site solution for sending encrypted messages to AndroidTM, Apple®, iPad®, iPhone®, iPod Touch®, and Blackberry® mobile devices 

Answer Direct’s Medical Answering Service offers custom solutions for message taking and redirecting calls. Our operators can also handle more complex customer service issues with specifically scripted processes.

Increase Efficiency

Free your nurses or assistants from the phone without letting a single call go to voicemail. Our medical representatives will answer every call promptly and professionally with your specific practice’s preferred answering style.

Decrease Costs
Answer Direct is a very affordable and low-cost solution for call taking and customer service.  We can manage your on-call schedule with personal attention, or you may decide to use our fully automated web service for your on-call schedule.  With customized options, your practice can minimize in-office labor costs without compromising patient care.

Increase Sales and Revenue
Our after-hour services include time stamped messages to help ensure accurate billing.  Answer Direct also allows your practice to provide prompt and caring customer service for patients without sacrificing time needed for other medical or administrative tasks.  When patients feel they have received courteous attention, they will recommend your practice to their friends and family.

With Answer Direct’s Medical Answering Service, you can trust that our expert staff will handle all of your calls when you can’t.  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

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