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Answer Direct can also be your customer service and help desk. Our sophisticated computer system assists our trained operators in handling all your customer’s routine questions that can soak up your valuable time and resources.

  • Provides a personal approach in dealing with customers after hours
  • Gives small businesses a larger, more professional image
  • Frees your staff to do other, more important work
  • You only pay for the time you use
  • Ideal for medical practitioners, service companies, sales organization

Cutting-edge technology provides cost-effective results

Answer Direct works with all major long distance carriers to determine the best way to route your calls to our center – providing separate local or nationwide 800 numbers – or using your already established telephone number – to take all calls, overflow calls, or after-hour calls.  All incoming calls are disbursed to the properly trained agents using our digital automatic call distribution (ACD) system – allowing us to answer multiple, simultaneous calls.

Custom, On-Screen Scripts – Ensures proper information is provided for your customers

We combine our experiences by working with you to compose a custom script that shows up on-screen when your customers call.  This ensures that your customers receive prompt, exceptional customer care with accuracy and integrity.  We can also pop-up your web page on our agent screens when receiving a call for you, ensuring they are equipped with all possible information available.  Should your calls need more detailed advice from your staff, we can direct your callers to your voice mail, ensuring them that they will receive prompt attention by a professional who can answer their detailed inquiries.

Instant Call Messaging & Retrieval – Receive messages instantly and securely

All messages are typed into our computers, eliminating unreadable messages.  We offer the convenience and flexibility of allowing you to choose whichever mode of communication is most effective for you to retrieve your messages.  You can obtain your messages from our Express Message Retrieval system, have them faxed, paged, emailed, or even sent to your cell phone via SMS, IM, PDA, or pager.

Receive Call Reports – Computer generated time and date stamp reporting

All calls are recorded and given a computer generated time and date stamp for complete quality assurance.  We can easily provide a variety of reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, which can be customized to fit your specifications.  These reports can be delivered in different formats including fax, email, or downloadable file.

We can do all this and more – and usually for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day.  Call us for a FREE consultation.  We will help you determine which of our services would best serve your needs and save you money.  Call us today at 800-282-0070.

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