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Funeral homes and mortuaries need to be available for contact around the clock.  Answer Direct can provide your operation with a cost effective customer communication system.  Customers can reach a responsive, live agent at any hour of the day, every single day of the year – even holidays.

We have more than 40 years of experience in servicing the mortuary industry.  Our program is custom-designed to fit the unique needs of each client. From simply taking messages to handling customer service issues, our highly trained operators have the ability to handle various situations as they arise.

Our funeral home and mortuary services can also include correspondence tasks such as outgoing phone calls or mailings.  High priority death notifications can be dispatched to the appropriate on-call personnel and we will practice due diligence until someone is reached to handle the situation properly.  Answer Direct has the staff and experience to help with many projects.

Answer Direct provides:

  • A local telephone number or 800 number with a dedicated professional receptionist available to answer calls on behalf of your company
  • Access to advanced IT and communications infrastructure
  • A fully trained, professional support team available 24/7, 365 days a year


We’re Here For Your Customers
Your customers deserve considerate responses during uncertain times.  Customers will never be received by an impersonal recording, but will appreciate the genuine and conscientious attention of a live agent.  Our call center staff is always available to speak with family members, friends, and loved ones who may be grieving.  We offer peace of mind and comfort during what is usually a very stressful time. While you manage your operation, we’ll handle customer support issues such as:

Notifications w Showing times w Floral information w Other arrangement details

Customer support and satisfaction is our highest priority!

We’re Here For Your Business

Our highly trained answering agents provide call support anytime you need it –

ü  During showings and services

ü  When you’re with a client

ü  When you’re on another call

ü  After hours

ü  Holidays

Answer Direct’s Funeral Home Answering Service and Mortuary Services are an affordable, quality communication solution available to serve your company and your customers.  When rapid response and compassionate attention matter, Answer Direct will always be ready to answer the call.

Answer Direct provides a trusted, reliable voice for your company all day every day.  With Funeral Home Answering Services and Mortuary Services from Answer Direct you can:

Keep operating costs low

Provide personalized attention

Maintain a positive reputation

Increase your business revenue

Our call agents are fantastic and our technology is unfailingly reliable.  When you need a trusted resource to help your operation effectively and compassionately communicate with customers, we’re always here.

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