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No one ever hopes for a disaster to strike.  The best a business owner can do is to plan how to recovery if their business is hit by a crippling blow.  Most every successful business owner has some type insurance plan for fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, etc.?  But what happens when your business is physically destroyed and there is no way to take your calls?  How will you stay in contact with your clientele until you rebuild your business?  Answer Direct can step in to be that vital link between you and your business associates and clientele. 

Answer Direct’s Disaster Recovery Plan serves to:

  • Keep operations going until your business is up and running again
  • Act as your receptionist and virtual office
  • Let your callers know of the recent disaster
  • Keep your clients up to date on your business’s progress
  • Custom operator scripting for your special needs
  • Manage your appointments via online software
  • Take orders for future business

A natural disaster or a power outage shouldn’t completely disable your business. When you need it most, let Answer Direct be your emergency office support system.  While Answer Direct cannot prevent a disaster from occurring, our live answering service can step in to help get your business back on its feet.

While you are dealing with the insurance company and searching for a new location for your shop, Answer Direct will answer all calls made to your number.  Clients can choose from multiple options for message delivery (fax, text, email, transfer to any number or all of the above) you will receive your messages promptly and accurately.

Whatever the disaster may be, you will never have to worry about a missed call or business opportunity.

There is no way of preventing most disasters from happening. However, by utilizing Answer Direct, you will be able to rebuild your business with less stress. Use Answer Direct’s disaster recovery answering service and protect your investment in your customers.  

We can do all this and more – and usually for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day.  Call us for a FREE consultation.  We will help you determine which of our services would best serve your needs and save you money.  Call us today at 800-282-0070.

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