Answer Direct

Answering Services

Answering Services

Answer Direct is a leading locally owned answering service in the Midwest. Our professional staff can assist with increasing the efficiencyof your office.

Our answering services are cost-effective to save you money. There is no payroll, and no expense of employee benefits. This in turn allows you to invest in other aspects of your business.

Answer Direct There are many reasons and benefits of using Answer Direct  answering service

  • 24/7 availability to your customers
  • Cost Effective
  • Allows you to be more productive and confident the phones are always answered
  • Human voice on the other end no matter when your customers call
  • More personal attention for each customer
  • No messages being lost
  • Detailed call logs available
  • Customer issues  or concerns can many times be resolved  when the call is answered

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Although outsourcing answering services overseas is becoming more common, here at Answer Direct we believe it is important to encourage a local economy. Our effective call center solutions team for answering service are trained on a wide variety of professions. We desire a close interaction with our clients to provide an excellent representation of your company and making it transparent that it is an answering service taking your calls.In this continually evolving world of competitive businesses, your company can have a personal touch to your answering services. At Answer Direct we provide a wide range of solutions to increase your business efficiency
Services For Your Business

  • Call Center/Answering Services
  • Virtual Office/Receptionist/Order Taking   (Learn More)
  • Customer Service/Help Desk  (Learn More)
  • Employee Log In Service (Learn More)
  • Seminar & Event Registration (Learn More)
  • Emergency Office Support  (Learn More )
  • Fully Web Enabled  (Learn More)

Since 1948, our doors have remained open regardless of lighting strikes, storms, tornados, and even power outages. Our staff is proud to be a dependable representative of your business. Answer Direct is a full-service communication provider that is open 24/7, everyday of the year. Our reliable staff is able to answer your calls regardless of weather or even natural disasters.

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  • Fairview Heights, Illinois
  • Cape Girardeau, Missouri