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Eliminate the countless hours that your HR department or company supervisors spend fielding calls and documenting employee absences.  With Answer Direct’s Employee Absentee Tracking Program your company will save time while remaining compliant with federally regulated Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) reporting.

Our Absentee Reporting Call Center operators have the experience and technology required to expertly and accurately track employee absences, saving you time, money and frustration.

CallOur Employee Absentee Tracking
Program includes:

  • Questions and scripts customized to your company policy or union
  • Thorough documentation
  • Neutral third party communication
  • Expert and specialized absence management systems
  • Accurate tracking and streamlined reporting




Custom Questions & Call Scripts

Answer Direct will create custom designed questions and scripts for each client, department or person.  These scripts ensure that questions are asked to every caller at the appropriate time to gather all necessary information.  Each script is developed for each individual company following strict guidelines and specifications.

Thorough Documentation

Our thorough documentation process confirms the receipt of every call with time and date stamps.  The Absentee Reporting Call Center operators are specially trained to ensure that all pertinent information is documented for future reference with complete compliance to industry, state, and federal regulations. 

Third Party Neutrality

As a neutral third party, Answer Direct can best serve both employers and employees with unbiased tracking and reliable reports.  Our number one priority is maximizing our clients’ time and resources while adhering to every labor law.  Third party neutrality encourages: 

Clear communication  Effective Organization  Accurate Documentation

Specialized Absence Management Systems

The Absence Management systems utilized by Answer Direct’s call center operators are innovative and efficient.

Avoid headaches

Control costs

Eliminate compliance risks

Maximize productivity  

Our technology is unfailingly reliable and our methods have been proven successful for more than 65 years.

Precise Absentee Tracking & Reporting

Accurate tracking and reporting is imperative in every business.  Answer Direct will design custom absentee logs and reports to meet each company’s specifications.  These logs and reports will track all absences and can be emailed or faxed daily to the appropriate recipient.  Departmental dispatch instructions can also be designed for each client.  For example, plant personnel absentee reports can be emailed, but security absentees can be dispatched only to the head of security at a specific extension.

Answer Direct is trusted solution for companies nationwide. 

  • We have more than 65 years of experience working with a variety of clients.  
  • We can help whether you have 5 or 5,000 employees.  
  • Our Employee Absentee Tracking programs are extremely flexible to accommodate for unique conditions and concerns.  
  • Our goal is always to ensure that the specific needs of each client are met. 

We are available to discuss your company’s needs and can consult with you about which program will best fit your objectives.  We look forward to serving you and helping you obtain your absentee tracking goals.

 Call or e-mail us today for a FREE consultation.

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