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Caught Doing Good

Employees can earn Answer Direct BUCKS to win rewards while performing their day-to-day duties just by being “Caught Doing Good!”  Senior staff are on the lookout for exemplary behavior and ready to reward employees who excel in performance.  Co-workers may also nominate fellow employees to be rewarded by notifying senior staff of outstanding performance.  Examples of outstanding performance are, but not limited to:

  • Helping customers beyond scripted procedures
  • Being extra helpful or friendly to difficult callers
  • Smoothly handling emergency situations
  • Professional and courteous  customer relations
  • Thank-you calls from customers or callers
  • Completion of an extremely busy shift
  • Identifying needed changes or improvements to an account
  • Defusing potentially explosive callers
  • Finding errors or inaccuracies in customer data
  • Reporting inaccuracies in Acct 112

Starting in June, employees may redeem one or more of these rewards with earned Answer Direct BUCKS

These items for $3 Answer Direct BUCKS


These items for $5 Answer Direct BUCKS



These items for $10 Answer Direct BUCKS


$25 Answer Direct BUCKS receives $25  gift card

$30 Answer Direct BUCKS receives a 30$ gift  card

$35 Answer Direct BUCKS receives a $35 gift card





Starting in June 2011, Answer Direct BUCKS may be redeemed at any time.  A list of rewards are also posted in the quarterly employee newsletter, the Message Center.

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